Increasing employee engagement

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What is employee engagement?

There are many ways to define employee engagement, but one important thing to remember about this concept is that it is the satisfaction of the employee that drives engagement.

Employee engagement is of paramount importance for any business’ success.

The happier the employee, the higher the engagement and, thus, the level of productivity. This applies to every employee in the organization, regardless of his/her function.

There are many ways to make your employees more engaged, but the most important are:

        1. Getting to know them 

Managers should try to express interest in their employees’ lives: their background, hobbies, preferences, dislikes, skills and weaknesses and try to communicate with them authentically.

Foster a sense of community and friendship. Once you establish a genuine connection with them, the workplace will become more enjoyable.

        2.  Coach them

Define their roles in the organization, set out the company’s goals and values and train them in the right direction.

Employees are more productive when they know what they have to do, but most importantly, when they know how to do it.

Trainings and additional courses will boost their confidence and improve the quality of their work. Employees need to feel that they have the chance to grow and develop.

If the employee does not have a clear picture of what his/her tasks are and how to approach it, the level of engagement, and thus productivity, will decrease.

       3. Build a culture of trust and transparency

Employees are entitled to know how the company is doing and they should feel that their work is important to the business.

Make them aware of both the successes and the struggles of the company and involve them in the process of coming up with new ideas to improve the business. This will increase significantly their level of engagement.

       4. Encourage initiative

Allow and encourage your employees to take lead on matters that concern their area of expertise without interfering in the process.

If they need your help, they will come to you for advice. This will help them grow, both individually and professionally.

       5. Give and ask for feedback

Giving feedback to your employee is of paramount importance. But feedback should go both ways. Employees should also be able to give feedback to the manager, anonymously, so that they give an honest opinion, without fear of being criticized.


Ultimately, the interaction between the manager and its employees should reflect the values of the company. Employee engagement leads to a successful business and a positive workplace environment, from which everyone benefits.




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