Salaries in Germany

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How doctors are getting paid in Germany

In Germany, medical salaries are established after the collective bargaining agreement for doctors. The agreement applies not only to specialist doctors, but also to residents and senior physicians.

There are several collective agreements for doctors in Germany, that differ for local, university and private clinics.

The two most common collective agreements are the collective agreement for local hospitals (TV-Ärzte VKA) and university clinics (TV Ärzte TdL), which define exactly the salary growth.

However, the head physician, which is the highest paid position in a clinic/hospital, is not paid on the basis of the collective agreement. The salary is negotiated between employer and employee (außertarifliches Gehalt, AT-Gehalt).

In 2018, doctors working in hospitals earned an average of :

Position Annual Gross Salary
Head Physician 100.000 – 292.000 Euro
Senior Physician 100.000 – 133.000 Euro
Medical Specialist 65.000 – 93.000 Euro
Resident 48.000 – 76.000 Euro

In addition to the position, the duration of the professional activity determines the salary.


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