Qualified and trustworthy medical personnel is the most important resource in the medical & health systems, however sometimes finding the right candidate can become a challenge.

mvc HRservices is a Romanian Talent management & professional recruitmentspecialist providing tailor-made employment solutions for its customers, an authorised company according to EU legislation, serving many successful and ambitious employers throughout Europe.

mvc HRservices has already successfully accomplished many projects in Germany, so once you decide to work with us you can benefit from our wide experience and knowledge in the medical recruitment market.

Once your needs in terms of personnel are identified, mvc services can propose personalized recruiting services and advise. Keeping up-to-date at all times with the terms and work conditions for doctors in Germany, mvc HRservices manages its candidates through the whole process so they come up with the right level of German language and all their documents and diplomas are in accordance with German legislation.

Competence 100%
Experience 100%
Management 100%
Flexibility 100%
Performance 100%

If you choose mvc HRservices as your partner, you will benefit from:

  • A German speaking doctors’ database at your disposal
  • Our candidates can be youngdoctors but also specialists with years of experience
  • All candidates have EU University education and specialisations
  • Guidance of our candidates to constantly improve their language skills registry.
  • Due to thorough selection procedures, by which the right solutions can be identified
  • The candidates are interviewed in order to evaluate their competencies and only the doctors that match your requirements will be presented to you
  • By making all the necessary arrangements for the online and phone interviews
  • After the candidate passes the online interviews’ stage, a visit in Germany is organised, so you can meet the candidate in person
  • Based on the vacant position, the exact profile of the candidate you are searching for shall be defined
  • mvc HRservices works together with you on a job description, in order to present it to the candidates
  • the candidates on our database that match your requirements are then contacted
  • the job openings are also promoted by various other channels as well
  • the candidates that are interested in your jobs are interviewed and if they meet all the criteria, their detailed resumes shall be sent to you
  • Together with you, the online and/or telephone interviews are organised
  • If the candidate passes those interviews, a visit of the candidate at your clinic is organised
  • Candidate can start working for you
  • mvc HRservices remains in touch, both with you and the candidate to make sure that things are going smoothly

The clinic commits to:

  • Help the candidate register for the FSP course on its behalf (to speed up the process/minimize the waiting period)
  • Covering the costs for FSP and Approbation
  • Covering the cost of accommodation during the FSP course and language testing
  • Offering assistance in identifying an accommodation set-up (renting a flat)