Working in Germany as a doctor

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What you need to know


               As one of the largest and strongest economy in Europe, Germany offers work opportunities for various industries, especially in the medical sector. If you are thinking of pursuing a career as a doctor in Germany, here are some things you need to know beforehand:

              1. Knowledge of German is a must

               Knowing German is of paramount importance, as doctors need to interact not only with patients, but also with their colleagues. The minimum requirement is B2 Certificate, but some lands may require C1.

               Candidates will also have to pass a language test (Fachsprachenprüfung) which will be organised by the authorities of the land you are applying in.

               It is important that the candidates have a language certificate authorised by an accredited institutionin their native countries. (in Romania, for example, Goethe Institut)

               If you don’t speak German, but wish to learn it, our team can provide specialised language courses (also remotely), conducted by our trusted partners. For more details, contact us at


              2. Getting a medical license (Approbation)

                  If you want to practice medicine in a certain land of Germany, you will need to obtain Approbation. Approbation is a medical license issued by the German state that allows doctors to practice medicine in Germany. Before applying for Approbation, one needs to have a job offer and to have passed the Fachsprachenprüfung.

                       a. How do you obtain Approbation?

The license is obtained from an authorised institution, the clinic you will work for is assigned to. You will pay a fee as established by law, that differs between lands.

                      b. What happens next?

After you obtain Approbation, you will be able to practice medicine in the land that issued the Approbation, or in another land that recognizes it. 

              3. Salary Expectations

                 It is no secret that the medical profession offers the highest salaries in Germany. Depending on their specialty, qualified doctors (Facharzt) could earn an annual gross of up to 80.000 EUR and residents (Assistenzarzt) up to 65.000 EUR.

               For those who require additional information and would like to submit their resume, please send us an email at We will gladly assist you through the entire process! 


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